Not Really A Bug But MFG Mini-Game Lagging

I used to be able to play it and it seems as though there have been changes to it and it runs smoothly. Only problem that I run into is that the game is still progressing, my robot arm isn’t moving (left or right) or extending (up and down) all the time although the pieces are moving on the conveyor belt. I used to be able to play it with the arm moving correctly and a little bit of lag from the conveyor belt (assuming this lag from the former way was from my internet connection), but now it’s not playable for me. Whatever change was made is nice as the conveyor belt doesn’t lag any more, but now the robot arm lags and I miss tons of pieces and can’t complete any cars because of it.

@Lifeline_Inc, what browser are you using? I just tried it on Chrome and Firefox and all worked. Your connection may be the cause.


Windows 10
Memory: 4GB
Browser: Firefox 55.0.3

Couple of other possibilities ---- (1) clear your cache (2) If you are using a high res monitor, don’t go full screen, play in a smaller window.

I’ll try clearing the cache. I always play in the small window.

Clearing cache didn’t work unfortunately :frowning:

Got same issue, using chrome

thank you for this report @Callaars, we are investigating.

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