Not able to unable the license

Hi I enabled a license by mistake and not able to unable it and also kindly tell how many license you get or can enable. Also I can see new add ons in the list but there are no new add ons when I see from my managing business

If you have already licensed an ADDON you cannot unlicense it but you can turn it OFF under MANAGE BUSINESS.

You can license as many ADDONS as you want but cannot turn ON so many that it exceeds a total of x% of Features and Quality. You can find what X is under Manage Business.

If you cannot see more ADDONS check to see if there are more ADDONS for your business type as players may not have created them.

I am not able to see the add on which i have the license to. I can only see these 4 add ons. Plus there are new add ons as well which i cant see

Also cant able to license other add ons here too

Also after get the license i am not able to use it in my production

i also have the same problem…i cant see any new addons in my production,invented or from other people! we will wait for a fix :wink:

This should now be working correctly.