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Because its not a professional browser game(beta for a very long time) and without resetting your company and/or account. And boring because you must wait a week before someone is online and sell/buy you a car. Questions about my real name,zipcode,phone number…really?!?. I start with not playing the game for 2 weeks and hope my account stop.
Or when there is a “beta progress reset” everything is gone also!!! Funny game.
When is there a full business game without “mini arcade challenge” and can you do something every day?

Hey … sorry to hear you are frustrated by some features … here are some thoughts on your questions:

Yes, the game is in beta, but it is working well with lots of features, so we don’t think the BETA status really takes away from the experience that most players have. Fun fact: Google had Gmail in beta for 5 years and it had 100 million users.

Many games do resets. We have also discovered that many of our players like the reset as it allows them to start fresh and makes the competition more fun.

The game is designed to be very realistic, so if you do not price your products well or do not take initiative to reach out to other players, you may find your products sitting unsold for a while. The game is not designed to be played in a few hours or days, it is designed to be played over weeks, months, and even years.

To create an account, we only ask for a few bits of personal information and do require that players use real names (but the names are kept private by default). Other items are optional and do not even get asked in the tutorial.

I hope the above helps.

Sorry … I compare this browser game automatically with European where 24h people respond online … my mistake. As far as “privacy” is concerned, in Europe we are very suspicious of US companies and agencies. That is not there in USA and Canada (facebook…google…government). So that’s why I had questions. I leave this account for 2 weeks to stop and maybe start over again.

As far as “privacy” is concerned, in Europe we are very suspicious of US companies and agencies. <— i bet u are a russian spy!, stealing my entrepeneur secrets!

Mwahahahahaha - You caught me @ Callaars