Next Update Release?

Do you guys have any idea when the next update will be or what new features might be coming out? I understand that you may not be able to answer this question right now, but I was just curious.

Hey garbs … we are constantly making small updates. There is a RESET coming very soon where everyone will start over again … we will post a notice some days or a week before it happens.

The biggest upgrades we want to make in the next few months is to add Smartphone Manufacturing and Retail business types and a Transportation business type.

We have hundreds of other small and big upgrades we plan to make too, but we don’t have dates for those yet.


Thank you for getting back to me so quick! Really excited to hear about them soon!

Transportation part sounds extremly interesting. Will smartphones and transportation be available on next reset, or will another reset happen for those features to be implemented?

Thank you

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The next reset is going to happen very soon. The new businesses will be added after that reset and we hope will be available this summer.

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Do you think we can have a date on this next reset? To be honest a lot of players including myself are getting bored.

Yeah, we totally understand. We wanted it to happen a few weeks ago … still tidying up some things. No exact date yet but very soon (this month).

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Sorry, RESET pushed to the next day TUESDAY, MAY 22.