New Round Minor Bugs - Generic


I’ve stumbled upon another minor issue today. I’m unable to post comments. When I click the post button, the page freezes for several seconds and then this happens:

I’ve tested both on chrome and edge.


it is not my first round… got all gold medals for the reading and questions parts, as u can see only need to do the minigames part (what i did allready… ) but it did not register it.

1.5 day gone and because of the lack of bxp (cause of this bug) i loose another day of income, after the whole issues with the smartphones at the start i could better delete my account, because progress is a pain this version.

get things straight dont give a car manufacturer or retailer extra bxp because of the minigames, not fair for other mfg or retailer in another business, its not fair.

it looks like i am flaming… but it is the truth if u want people to create other businesses make it as fair as others check open market… only cars… u can guess the reason.


Thanks for pointing this out Zuzu, the Dev Team is looking into this now.


I am using Chrome as it gives the least bugs overall. But I dislike having multiple tabs open and in this case went to the trouble of closing everything, shutting down my computer, start up and logging in before anything else and going straight to that screen.

It’s a mystery…


There is a problem with stock displays. I have invested multiple millions into stock of Emerson Global and numerous other regular players but they have disappeared from my portfolio and from the all stock listings.

I see his stats have reset to start even though he has 6 companies so obviously something is odd about this, but what about my investments??


@Firey … EMERSON and JOBSON accounts were RESET because of questionable gameplay. Unfortunate for those who invested in the businesses, but this type of thing happens in the real world too.


great Job getting them caught. and again they ruin other companies on the way with that sort of gameplay.


Very minor display issue in Pharma Manufacturing.
I’m producing 60/60 but the display when you open the production segment has blank circles - not 2/3 green as it does in the Management and Sales segment. (Chrome)


Thanks for bring this to our attention, the Dev team will correct this now.


Sorry for the delay, we are investigating this issue, and trying to determine why this fails sometimes.

On our test server it works consistently, but we are reworking some of the code to stream line the back end process better.

By the way moving a Holding Company before fiscal year end will not save you the taxes for that year, the government taxes you when you move your company. The best time to move a company is at the beginning of a fiscal year.


actually i just tried it again and the good news is i was able to move finally. maybe after sometime youre just locked into a country, idk.

otherwise another problem im looking at is taxes inccured. so i incurred 30 mil plus in taxes however didnt have nearly the cash needed to pay all of it at one time. i went to invoices and loans but when i found the invoice i was unable to pay additional money to the taxes incured


I have 2750 pills in inventory and 1 staff is on in my retail, still it says business closed due to no inventory/staff. Please could you look into this issue. I need to sell the 2750 by today since the next lot wil have 100/100 pills and current is 0/0 pills. Thanks.


I think there was some issue for a short time. Seems to work fine now


Another issue is there though, my pharma has 100% staff on, but it shows only 73%, and it shows full capacity as 6630 per day but sells only 6000 each day. One upgrade is not being recognized I guess.


What is being displayed here is the Cost of Sales Capacity and Potential. See the attached graphic for clarity.


Re: 100% staff on, but it shows only 73%, this is due based on the averaging of the current inventory. Meaning if you have some units at lower ratings, it will affect your higher rated units. The ratings will normalize once the lower quality stock has been sold.


New item of very minor glitchy. in the management and sales section of my hero phones company I’m getting and average unit cost displaying as 932 when I only produce 100/100 at a cost I presume of 275


We see the issue and the Dev Team will address it. Thank you for posting.