New Round Minor Bugs - Generic


This is issue should be resolved now.


I bought the business i cant open it. Having similar issue


Greetings! For some reason, I’m unable to move my holding company. I don’t get any error messages or warnings, but the cost for moving is never deducted and when I check the manage business window, it’s back in the United States.

Thank you for your attention,


I to have the same problem as Zuzu. basically i pick a nation as normal on the map to relocate and after i select the new nation i wanted to move my holding company to i clicked continues to which it then give me cost to move. the only option left after that is save yet after i click save it says i moved but once i reload the page im still stuck in my original nation.


I have a display issue with ad spots - they’re all blank and I can’t select any spots to bid on. using chrome

edit: never mind - for some reason the display is flipping to the next fortnight - you can flip back a week but it’s still odd


Thank you for reporting this issue, we will look into it.


A big clue into the oddity of some companies available for lookup selection, but others not, is the coding difference between the lookup in a retail company and a manufacturer. Using chrome in my retail co, I can find everyone without problem. In the manufacturer it is severely restricted using the same browser in the same session.

I’m sure some of you clever analysts can inspect those comparable codes side by side and spot a difference that is causing the problem…

EDIT: OK that’s weird! At work I can select freely in my manufacturer but at home I can’t - something to do with security settings maybe or have you just changed something?..


The product filter in the competitor report doesn’t seem to work. Even if I select Pharma, all companies are shown.


Thank you for reporting this issue, it looks like we need to update this report to better handle product filtering.


This is a multiple tab issue. Please sign out and close all tabs including mail and then sign in again. This should rectify the problem. The Dev Team is working on a solution for multiple tabs.


Since the last update the make payment button in the loan section is broken. I have checked in firefox and in chrome but i cant make any loanpayments.


Thank you for raising this issue, we are looking into it.


I noticed that now the make payment button works and money is drawn from the account but the loan details doesn’t update. I still have a payment due even thou i have paid it.


Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention, we will record this as a priority issue in our bug list. We try to address bugs as fast as possible.


I agree it’s a tricky problem. I did the log out, exit browser - I even shut down the computer… In my manufacturers today I get just one company selectable to sell to. (Uskan Camlik - ND) I have 2 manufacturers and it’s the same for both. Yesterday the list was longer but still severely restricted.

What if the the look-up process could have a written in cleanse of cache before forming list? - and while you’re at it, surely there could be some sort of logical sort to the list as in alphabetical…


Another minor bug but with a work around. When you buy a business and re-locate it, you can change the logo and location on day 1, but you have to wait a day to re-name it… Just won’t accept the save on day 1,


any update on this issue regarding holding company relocation?


Fireyscorp, which browser are you currently using?

We rebuild the list every time you sign in, but have discovered that Chrome will not rebuild the list if it is being referenced in 2 tabs (even if you are signed out) and are looking for a solution to this issue.


I have spend, 4 hours on the courses, and did not receive credit for the games afterwards (golden coins) while the course was complete!

quite annoying spending that much time on them. and not receive a single bxp point.


Did you complete every level and achieve all that is required? This has caught players in the past. Looking at the attached screen capture, ensure all the items on the left have been achieved. Also, look at the bottom right to ensure all the levels are fully complete. This is indicated with a green dot over the level number. Please let us know if this may be the case. Thank you for posting this.