New Round Minor Bugs - Generic

Rather than have a new topic for each little thing, I thought we could list little stuff here…

In the Open Market, now that we have multiple products, it will be necessary to show which product in the all products view (which is default).

Also untested but worth mentioning, a block on a Phone company from buying Pharma or Auto…

There should be a block in place Fireyscorp, that possible issue was discovered during development and testing.

In smartphone retail the sales summary and the sales ledger isn’t working correctly. It happened when i uppgraded with more sales personel. The phones are selling but the sales is not registered in the summary and ledger.

Also the icon on the showroom isnt working.

In the product competitive report the product filter isn’t working. both for retail and for manufacturing

Since my sales on day 37, my company screen has shown zero sales each day but I have checked total numbers and cars on hand and there are still 2 cars per day less and my funds are also increasing. so the problem is only in the display of sales, not on the accounting for them.

I also have a Pharma retailer bought product for 30, havent been able to sell one. I even changed the price to 9 still no sales.

Yes but have you checked stock levels day by day. if it’s the same problem then you are still getting the revenue of selling and stock is still reducing.

We have discovered an issue that was stopping the retail engine from working correctly, it has been fixed.

So i had a closed business and when i try to reopen and pay the 250k fee it says insufficient funds even though i have the cash for it

Dont forget about me

How can we forget about you Jobson, we are looking into this.

Seems that the error message is wrong and there is no slot available for you to reopen it.

You bought a closed business then created another business and can no longer re-open the closed business you bought due to not having enough bXP.

Read my in game message this is wrong and not the case.

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Understood. we will have the Dev Team look into it further.

Thanks good to know appreciate it

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We have lost the display of how many extra cars stored you get when you buy efficiency in the auto retailer

Sold my business but its still recognizing that i have 3 businesses when in fact i only have 2

Thank you for the report, we will check it out.

We will look into this, we issued a fix for the issue you previously reportes yesterday but the out reach team was out of the office.
Now to this report
Did you reopen the business before selling? Or did you sell a different business?