New Player, No Tutorial, Blank Page

Hello there,

I just joined about an hour ago, received the activation email and complied. Now when I login I go directly to:


but end up on a page that shows me the phone, the top activity box and the scrolling statistics box. I also have the activity box at the bottom of my screen and can see the stuff on the top left and left of the screen (the building) but the center of the screen is a white page. When I hit refresh it shows a guy running and then straight back to this page.

If I click on any other link it brings me back to this blank page as well. Any help is tremendously appreciated. I read another user had an issue similar to mine but got to a page that lets you choose an industry, I tried using his fix (A link to a sign out page and then logging back in) but it did nothing to help fix the issue.

Here is a picture of what I see:

Sorry about this, we have a bug in the Tutorial that triggered in our update yesterday and it is affecting all new players. We hope to have it fixed on Thursday (Jan 31). We will let you know when fixed.

Ok, thank you.

Might I recommend posting something on the main page in html warning new users? - You may end up losing a few users if they think it’s broken on their end and give up.

The tutorial bug that was triggered in our update yesterday affected all new players, you being one of them. We are pleased to inform you that the bug has been fixed and you can proceed and enjoy the game. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and thank you for your interest in GoVenture World.

Thanks for fixing it so quickly. Thoroughly enjoying your simulation.

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Thank you for playing FireCastle.