New company purchase

Well i bought a company for 5M$ and added it to my group, when i opened the company, i see that there are 320 cars on open market so i decided to check on them and when i went to the open market, i cannot find them, even when i applied filters of “my businesses”, now i am being charged for the inventory storage cost of 320 cars that i dont even own, so kindly fix this or let me know if i am missing anything from my side


The screenshots

@Resco_Group, thanks for this. Yes, we have seen this issue and are working on it. FYI, Fireyscorp reported the same issue.

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@Resco_Group, question; would you be using multiple tabs while playing the game?



Yes i use multiple tabs

Using multiple tabs can confuse the system and manifest in many of the issues you are having. There are many instances in the gave where the browser needs too know which business you are using at that particular time. If you have multiple tabs doing different things, there is a chance that one tab will indicate you are using one business and the other indicate you are using a different business and confuse the system in the process. This can be even worse if your are logged into different Holding Companies on the tabs.

:rofl: What are you saying…


Hmmm, is this gonna be fixed then, i am paying huge amounts as inventory costs and not able to grow because of that