New Bugs Since May 22 Reset

@Admin it seems as if the markets have reverted back to how they were last game. There is very few buying groups left in a number of locations. Also, the leaderboards appear not to be working (bad path)

Also on the “Personal Profile” tab, a blank screen appears

Personal Profile ^

Leaderboards ^

Hey Garbs …

The market demand is very low because it is based on the number of businesses, so with few businesses in the world, the market is low … but it should be enough to support the businesses that are there.

We will check out the leaderboards, thanks.

Wow wow wow, i’ve been logging in all day without success thinking that you guys had delayed the reset. I logged in around 11am the first time maybe and since then i have been negative 400k only possessing my holding company and unable to buy a business. Im not trying to sound rude but we all know that the starting game out the gate is super important so im already a day behind with nothing to do. Please look into my account i have logged in throughout the day maybe about 10 times.

Jobsons, we are not sure we understand what you are saying? When you logged in the first time, it should have taken you through the tutorial to set your Holding Company and start your first Operating Business. Is that not what happened?

No i logged in pretty early this morning i believe i mightve been one of the top 5. It did not take me to the tutorial it took me to the home screen. Ill send some screen grabs shortly. In fact the tab alone says boardroom unresolved. This happened to me all day so i assumed everyone was having problems since i saw a whole bunch of lines of credit in the logs.

Thank you for the report.

We are looking into the blank profile screens. POSTED.

Can you try again and let us know if it works for you now?


Thank you for the report.

We had an issue with some transitional data. This was tested in house, but this issue was not caught until we went live with the reset,

We have corrected the issue and it should behave correctly now


The profile screen should load now. And the icon issue has been resolved as well.

I am able to access to access the leaderboards and profile. If I’m not mistaken, couldn’t you access them before by clicking the badge on the holding website?

From portfolio when you pick stock you cannot place sell order, but you can if you pick bond.

@Jobsons - Looks like you picked up the admin co somehow?? and 3000 bxp before you start?? really weird…
@Jacobus - I think it’s fine - maybe you were in the primary market screen - not the all stocks?

I’m sure leader boards are fine - they just don’t update instantly.

The markets too have resolved themselves but it is interesting to note that they now grow at different rates and it seems to have nothing to do with the number of retailers in any country. Can we have some insight into the thinking please???

I presume the leaderboard for challenges is buggy as it was double counting which has since been switched off. But just to point out, the top 3 have completed more challenges than there are available right now…


I seem to be having an issue with my invoices as they are not appearing. I know I still owe money and have made purchases in the past and neither are showing up.

@Flex_Industries, it should be working now. Please let us know.

It’s working now…Thank you!

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I seem to be having an issue where my cars are being listed as 0/0 but I upgraded to 20/20 a few days ago. I even made sure to list all m 0/0 cars before beginning production on the 20/20.

@garbs, thank you for posting this. Can you confirm that you had “Zero” 0/0% cars in inventory before you started to MFG the 20/20% cars please?

Yes I had a few in stock. They were listed to the open market right before 20/20 production began so I wouldn’t have an overlap that would decrease quality. Currently on the market for 16k on the second page (theirs two listings both should be 0/0). However, my newest should be 20/20 (on the first page) as they were no cars in stock after the 2 listings. All of these listings are for my US plant.