My sales suddenly stopped

My sales has suddenly stopped i don’t know how please help me i have off my sales person and signage and service to prevent daily incurring costs i have also reduced my prices but it didn’t work even.Please help

Please provide more details, such as name of business, product type, country you are asking about, etc.

Also, provide a screenshot of the competitiveness report that shows you are competitive.

We have verified that you are now making sales. It may have been competition in your country that slowed/stopped your sales.

Business Name is DNS corporation product is Smartphone country is USA Uploading: Screenshot_20200225-230219.png… Yeah problem is now solved but i don’t think it was competition that stopped my sales because i was one with the least price…Well its all good now

Note that having the lowest price does not guarantee that you will make sales. Other businesses may offer better quality, features, and signage at a low price and they may win sales even if you have a lower price.