My retail sales have stopped all of a sudden

  1. Check to make sure you have inventory.
  2. Lower your price by a LOT (not a little bit) to see if sales start to happen.

Sales all happen in real time and competition in your country can change at any minute because there are players around the world adjusting their strategies. If competitors in your country offer a better product at a better price, then this can reduce your sales.

Your price can also become uncompetitive if the features and quality of your inventory changes. For example, you may have a mix of high-value inventory and low-value inventory. The game will always sell your high-value inventory first. Your high-value inventory may be sellable at a higher price, but once you run out of high-value inventory, your low-value inventory will not sell at that same price, so your sales instantly stop. Sales may start again if you receive more high-value inventory or lower your price to a level that matches the value of the inventory.

Use the business reports to learn more about your inventory and competitors.