My inventory quantity doesn't change

I made a little game to sell faster cars (i sold everithing in less than 5 rounds) My inventory didn’t change.

Now i saw 5 cars sold yesterday (GT). My inventory still doesn’t change.

I should stop to buy cars :smiley:

I am going to take a look at your account to get a better look at what you are seeing.

corporate spying spotted

Looks like you may have received some inventory as you were selling. So you may have sold 5 and received some at the same time.

There does seem to be a slight discrepancy in your inventory judging by your number received and number sold. We are looking into it now.

i bought 76 cars
i sold 9 cars (4 few days ago then 5)
i have 10 ready to sell
i have 62 in transit

I saw incoming money after the small game but no change on inventory (i sold 10)
then i saw 5 cars sold (not with the small game but by sellers) and inventory didn’t change

Looks like there was an error thrown during the last sale. We will have a look into it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

it’s a pleasure to help

i hope i can keep the money :wink:

Thank you reporting this issue, it appears to have been a bug introduced this week by myself when hurriedly addressing a series of issues in a expeditious manner. The fix appears to be working on our test servers and I am deploying it now.