My company has lost cash trying to buy effciency upgrades

My company has lost cash trying to buy effciency upgrades.

If it’s in parentheses your in debt (130000)-debt 130000-not in debt

Thank You for reply.
I didn’t knew that it meant debt.
But I just started a retail smartphone business few days ago just after reset and products were selling well. There is no way my company can end up in debt.

I just remembered something, I tried to buy efficiency upgrade and it didn’t unlock. It showed the message to confirm the purchase. I confirmed, But didn’t unlock. So I tried repeatedly. May be at that time money was charged.

Is there any way I can get my money back.

If you to manage to business on the left side click the second one (first is your holding) and scroll down it will be the 5th one there you should find it

I haven’t bought an efficiency upgrade yet so I can’t show it

I think not but that’s for the admins to say

I have bought addons. There is no problem with that.

But when I tried to buy efficiency upgrade that happened.

ahh ok I haven’t bought the efficiency upgrades yet so

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Sorry for the delay in seeing this thread.
Have your purchases unlocked? We discovered a bug that was causing a display issue for some businesses.