Muting Sound In-game

Although I don’t usually mind the sound effects, when I am listening to a video or school or multitasking in general, the sound effects can get a bit annoying. The mute button in the game only mutes music from what I’ve experienced. Any plans on implementing a way to mute sound effects as well?

Wasn’t sure whether to post this in Feature Requests or Bugs, but since it said gameplay and technical issues, decided I’d put it here. Feel free to let me know if it was supposed to be somewhere else. Thanks!

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I agree - sound effects and music don’t go with the target audience for this game - the ones that will keep playing… Previously posted…

I sometimes mute with my browser tab, if I have a video or music playing. In Chrome, it’s just a right-click and select of “Mute tab”.

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Hey guys … good news, we finally just added separate mute controls for MUSIC and SOUND EFFECTS. Find the button on the bottom of the smartphone.

Great addition! Keep up the great work!

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