Multiple accounts from same address

Hc Auto based in India sells to Hc Retail based in India.

Clearly this is the same person or related people and not even trying to hide it. And obviously using 2 accounts, one can be sacrificed to push the other up creating an unfair advantage. Are there checks on IP addresses in place or an overview of suspicious trading?

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This does create an unfair advantage, as it circumvents the system put in place to avoid a one-man supply chain. I would also like to inquire about this.

Hi Guys … the use of multiple accounts is an issue that we discussed internally quite a while ago to determine what we should do about it. Here is our thinking:

The original thinking was that we absolutely did not want players creating multiple accounts. But, then we eased up on this decision for the following reasons:

  • It’s impossible to police. IP filtering is possible but causes problems because many of our users are going to be inside of schools and other organizations that display as the same IP. And, even if we do additional checks on names, emails, geolocation, etc. the policing becomes very complicated and we will end up spending a lot of our time trying to manage false positives. As a small team, this is not the best use of our limited time.

  • A player that creates multiple accounts is creating a lot of extra work for themselves. And, they end up splitting their time between multiple accounts, which also means they are splitting their bxp and other benefits of playing the game.

  • A player may try to sacrifice one business to help another, but they still have the issues noted above and the business that is being sacrificed will likely go bankrupt soon because of the operating costs and lack of profit. In other words, they might get a short term benefit, but they are losing out on bxp and other benefits in the long term.

  • We are currently in BETA, so the more that people use the game, the better for testing the system.

So, we agree with you that we would prefer that players not create multiple accounts, but right now there are too many other priorities that affect the gameplay that we have to focus on. As we learn more from player activity in the BETA, we can try to figure out better ways to discourage the creation of multiple accounts (instead of having to create technology to police it). If you guys have any ideas for that, please do share.

I see your line of reasoning, but there are exploits that can be taken advantage of with multiple accounts (Jobsons and Quito have been doing A LOT with business flipping, bond sales, and such). In the end, it’s really up to you, but I have seen a game made by one person who actively policed IP, and made exceptions for some situations (such as siblings playing or what not).

Jobsons law firm would be more than happy to host any disputes, even if im the disputed party.

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We want this game to scale very large so any solutions we find have to be automated. With regards to the player to player exploits, we see that as a separate issue. We want to eliminate player to player exploits, regardless of whether it is the same player account or not. This is why we have price and time limits on the sale of stock. These recent exploits with buying and selling a business are in the process of being fixed too.


Sorry if that sounded accusatory; that was not my intent. In fact, I openly welcome such actions at this point as it helps uncover game-breaking issues that would be otherwise troublesome at full release. In light of that, I’m not accusing you of anything, but thanking and giving credit to you rather. My apologies if I came off the wrong way.

I understand; I was merely bringing up some points to consider. Thanks for the consideration and explanation; really helped clear some things up.