More information on businesses for sale

There is a chance that this feature is already available and that I do not know how to use it.

Things that should be added:

  1. Ability to see the agreed upon price and deadlines of pending orders.

  2. List of features that have been upgraded. Example: Did the retail add any salesmen, or did the manufacturing plant upgrade any of the efficiency options.

  3. The seller of the business should be able to write a small message added to their sell, similar to what people are able to write on shipment offers and loan applications.

Edit: 4. Potential buyers should also be able to see if an accepted order has been shipped and not paid for, or if any have been paid for and not shipped.

If any of these are already added, please tell me how to view those options.

Thank you for the hard work you have put into creating this game.

These are good suggestions but right now we encourage buyers to contact sellers directly and ask all of these questions and any other questions you may have.

Just like in the real-world of business, buyers have to rely on sellers to disclose information about their businesses before a purchase is made.

And, just like in the real world, sellers could mislead buyers …. which can result in legal action.

Creating a sense of business uncertainty in some aspects of the gameplay is by design so that we can maintain the authenticity that we want to achieve.

We hope this makes sense.

Oh, but the idea of having a simple text box where the seller can post some useful information is probably the easiest for us to implement so we will add that to our upgrade list.