More Business for more diverse or not diverse gamplay

(New player here keep in mind)
Mining :rock:
more modes of transportation- air delivery and by ship :ship: :airplane:
Airlines :flight_arrival: :flight_departure:
Space? :rocket:

I will reply for each business

First off we all wonder how our smartphones are made well, don’t we?

How much is a mining company well easy just a bit more than a smartphone manufacturer there will be 2 types of mining companies and this is what they can get iron, gold, silicon, copper, coal, aluminum, and carbon; The first type is hard metals (iron, gold, coal) they specialize in getting this type of metal the other is soft metal (silicon, aluminum, carbon). The metals get shipped off to their respected places. RATIOS, Drone will obviously use the most I mean all smartphones will use 4, (the materials needed are (for drone) 10 gold, 3 coal, 3 iron, 5 silicon, 10 copper, 1 aluminum 2 carbon), for smartphones, it’s 7 silicon, 4 aluminum, 3 carbon, 2 gold No need to smelt that will be a game thing

Modes of transportations

right now there are no modes of transportation it just takes time but that is boring and not taking into consideration the IRL risk there is to the business so why don’t we spice it up. let’s start with planes The fastest way to move goods the longest journey would be Japan-Brazil 5GT days, shortest would be the UK-Germany 2GT hours overpowered right the only downside is the cost 1.6 billion
for one plane, shipping cost 23.5 million, of course, these figures can change but that will be a trip from NA-EU; Leaving one mode left shipping slower but much cheaper 643,291K for a ship shipping cost are only a measly 14-350k. But that leaves a balance towards ships you cant forget it would take weeks for a ship to travel the same NA-EU distance a plane would take for hours putting the ship on the backboard. how would people get the cash to pay for any of this will most people who do transport are farming drones so they have the cash to spare but for small starters that don’t have drone farming, the default way for transport is still open but it’s more expensive.

Airlines people moving between countries or even continents.

This is much easier to do, countries like America would have high rates of demand example Japan to/from America because of anime and new york. So countries that have more population are also going to have a high rate of demand but out ie India. So higher the population the higher the fly out demand the more the countries people are willing to spend the higher the fly in demand is.
Airlines also make the airplanes needed for transportation!

SPACE and all its free land.

mining, tourist, and exploration what more could a man want
all that happens is a new oxygen business is unlocked when you get space travel, a UI change but that is all it’s like starting over again; Everything is much expensive (duh) the only business that you won’t find is anything regarding the law as that all in earth
All that is needed is our current solar system.