Money taken but no r&d unlock

I tried to buy a r&d upgrade but is said my quality and features were 99/99 so it did not unlock it but it took the 1.2 million from me, what can I do?


I think I’m in the same boat here, except I didn’t see any message when buying the Manufacturing & R&D Stations ;
The money was definitely spent but the stations did not appear ; I actually bought the whole first 3 tiers of each before noticing this :expressionless:

Hello @GVW_Admin , @GoVenture

After the planned production stop today the issue is still present ;
No manufacturing stations are available even though they had been bought and the money definitely got out of the company account :

Is there any chance of this being adressed soon ?
If I can help it, I’d rather not be doing any manufacturing before this is resolved :slight_smile:

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EDIT : In despair, I’ve bought more stations and they have been correctly added to my business - I’m afraid this means we need to trawl through the accounts journal to find the proof we’ve bought them in the past ?
Or maybe use the “Equipment” line of the Ledger, which seems to count the stations bought ?

This has been corrected. Thank you for posting.

Thank you for the very prompt response !
I can confirm my case is closed ; can’t say about IFL though.

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Yes it is fixed fore as well