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Hey Guys, I have some feedback on your game id like to share and some updates id like to push to you guys. How do i get in contact??

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You can just leave your feedback and suggestions here. We monitor the message forum regularly.

Sorry to hijack someone else’s topic but I had a thought of an early game gap that could easily be filled without the need for coding changes.

Rather than have some early admin stocks and bonds to kick off those markets, why not have one of the admin players start with enough bxp to have an admin bank that only operates until the first player bank is opened. We can get player stocks and bonds happening early on…

And an idea that would require a tiny tweak - limit share and bond purchases to 10% of an issue per RT day. That would stop players just coming in and swooping 100% up before anyone else knows the issue is on. (Cross holdings with huge increases in valuations was about to be abused - not by me)

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FIREY, we actually did have one of our team members run a bank early on in the game when we first launched. Not sure if we did that during the last reset though. At one point far before the beta, we had NPCs designed to play those roles until human players would take them over but we didn’t have time to refine the NPCs so we disabled them.

You are right that we should have one of our team be a bank again upon reset.

Your idea about limiting the stock issues to 10% at a time is a good one … we will see if we can get that done soon.

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Mr. CEO & Founder,
Id love to see more ways to make bxp. Higher heights to bxp. More businesses. Give some space for growth. How will there be an elite division of players if we are all limited to a certain amount?? We’ll all end up squared off and bored asf.

Pass on your comments on this one then ill continue.

BYFIELD: Thanks for your thoughts.

Every action in the game rewards players with BXP. There is no limit to how much BXP you can earn.

You can also own as many as 10 businesses. In the future, we will be adding more business types as well.