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My winning spots in marketing is not being shown in My spot even if was showing won by me in ad Spot

What platform and or browser are you using to play the game?

We could not recreate the issue using Chrome.

I am using Microsoft edge.

From now on i will use Google chrome and give you feedback of progress

I have used Google chrome but still have same problem

Look at Screen shot for your reference

I agree with @DevSha. I think it is a server issue or the account not the browser

@GoVenture @GVW_Admin , I can tell that DevSha has the won the spots, I dont’ think it is a browsr issue, since I was able to see my spots in the game.

So, I think it is the servor issue, and Edge and Chrome and both on the same chromimum base.

I can’t see why the browser would be the culprit but more of the servor, game bug , glitch.

We are investigating this. Thank you for reporting this.

You’re welcome. Also @GVW_Admin this has nothing to do with the browser , but it is good to keep it updated. Heads Up: FYI: Google chrome got a update to 85 yesterday, edge is tommorowo

@GVW_Admin Hvae you tried hard refreshing?

@DevSha There was an internal issue with your bids in the ad spot auction, because of that none of your bids were processed. We have now addressed the issue.

Any bids made today will work correctly, unfortunately all previous bids will still exhibit this issue.