Marketing Agency Operation

I am owning a Marketing agency.
I don’t find any difference between things to do in marketing company as compare to individual player.
For instance, In marketing agency, I am able to bid for ad spots and create marketing campaign, which is possible by individual player also at same cost.

Since, Bidding cost and purchasing list for player cost same in both conditions then help me understand how marketing business is designed to be profitable.

What are the extra benefits marketing company can offer to players so that they will opt for marketing company services.

Please explain.


@DevSha Hvae you looked at this?

I do see your point, it is profitable if people want somone to help them decide when is best, the right way, a good person that knows how to put it all in words that is more like a real ad that gets people attention.

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@devsha you are right that everything is similar. We have plans to change that in the future to give Ad Agencies more benefits.

But, for now, the value offered by an Ad Agency is taking over marketing for other businesses. Many players do not want to do their own advertising, so you can offer to do it for them and get paid for that service. You can also serve as a consultant to help them become more profitable by making good decisions in other aspects of their businesses.

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I don’t find any option for consultation in marketing agency.
Moreover, There are 4 tabs available in marketing agency named as Client projects , client communication that are also not working.
Please look into matter.


You can’t seem to open it in teh manage business in Marketing AgencY?

The tabs and buttons should be working now.

Yes it is .