Market demands of automobiles

There is something strange with market demands of automobiles

Before i start business with South Africa it was more than Same for Egypt. They both fall down in less than a week (GT).

I speak about the number visible top right when you hover a country

<p class="map-data js-map-rollover mbDemand include-pointer wide roll jqClearableData">g988,500,000</p>

when i speak about fall i mean divided by 4 or more

I will have to check this but I don’t believe that number can fluctuate. It may have been an issue with the rollover map reading the wrong country.

i thought it was a mistake of rollover as you said until i see it a second time

I don’t agree. After my “fail” in South Africa, I made several check before to settle my last business to be sure. Market demands have been divided by 5 in a few hours (RT).

Moreover I think some game rules are broken. I will make more tests to confirm it and come back to you later.

I am currently seeing just over g1,000,000,000 for South Africa. I checked with the lead dev here and he states that the Market Demand can fluctuate with the number of businesses in an area. This is to allow growth in number of players and to prevent a country from maxing out when too many players set up businesses.

I don’t know why it would go down though if no businesses move out?

When you say divided by 5, do you mean it went down 1/5 in size. So 1,000,000,000 would become 750,000,000?

I mean it was something like it is now something like

I questioned your meaning because it seemed unlikely it would drop that much. I will keep an eye on South Africa to see if it fluctuates and what factors may be affecting it…

i will do something else cause the big change was after me and my partner settled our businesses.

I will take screenshot of an other country and see if it change and come back to you

So to prove what i was talking about:

before retail establishment

during retail establishment

few hours later

Thanks for this. It should help us out quite a bit with finding you an answer.