Manufacturing Production

A feature to initiate production orders across multiple manufacturing businesses in one menu or one-click would be a convenient feature to add. It’s quite tedious having to go through 13 separate manufacturing businesses every 4 hours just to get 22 produced for each. Any thoughts?

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A prime target for future premium function… Certainly as is there are a lot of steps and confirmations requests to do each function of the game and the worst is the lag that’s attached to each step.

From a sales side if there is enough product available you can go through and buy a weeks RT stock, set your price and leave the game to sort out the rest for a few days. In manufacturing you’re asking ppl to log in every 4 hours to keep their company working. It’s little wonder there’s a constant shortage of product available for sale.

This is why I sold off my manufacturing business. Retail is far easier to manage and more profitable.

I agree with what y’all have said. I started in retail but started manufacturing to get a feel for both sides. The lag associated with checking each manufacturer is quite bad. I’ll find myself spending around 5-10 minutes just checking production orders and getting shipments sent. I was thinking of just abandoning manufacturing, but I don’t want to let down the retailers I’ve been supplying so far.

I think there’s not much more I can help with on this beta run. I would be happy to do more when there’s more products or more restrictive rules on making profit…

This topic is one area of game balance that needs serious work. To populate the manage business screen has an average wait time of 5 seconds - doesn’t sound a lot but it’s a pain. Then to click into a manufacturing business it’s another 6 seconds of that infernal running man before the business opens and another 4 - 5 seconds before I can do anything in the screen. Then add the key strokes and confirmations you’re looking at over 30 seconds to just initiate 4 hours worth of production.

First whatever is loading or from wherever it’s loading needs to be reviewed. Then at least allow a day or 2 production to be set, if not a week. No problem with sales just buy a months stock and set and forget.

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Thanks guys. We are going to add a few tweaks to make it easier to jump between businesses. It won’t be perfect but a good step.

We didn’t expect to have so many power users this early in our game. We designed the game first to be for casual players, so we figured players would just log in maybe once or twice a day at most and maybe have a couple of businesses in the beta. I can imagine how much effort it takes to manage as many businesses as some of you have … and we REALLY appreciate how AMAZINGLY HELPFUL this is for us to have people like the game enough to play so much and to help report bugs and issues.

We will try to make things easier for our power users, but it will take us some time to get it right because of the many other critical gameplay issues we have to fix first, so we hope you can be patient with us as we are a small team. Thank you!

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You guys are doing a great job; keep up the awesome work!

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im going to bring this topic up again and instead of it being free from the get go what if it was a cash purchase feature like efficiency and quality are for mfgs, for example a 25 mill fee to unlock this button.

By the time a player starts getting tired of jumping between more than 3 or 4 mfgs they should either have enough cash to pay for the unlock or be able to save up for it and buy it relatively quickly. This way its a kind of mid level reward that players can decide whether or not they wish to purchase.

This button could be located in the manage business general menu or something and once bought it could allow the production start and stop feature just like as if it was an individual business.

Another feature that could be tacked on is a green or red light that turns on if a company has or doesnt have any orders that need shipped since currently you have to manually check every mfg. unless you have a good memory as to where all those 10 buying offers are going if you accept them all. again this could be another mid level reward which may cost 10 or 15 mill in this case.

Both features stated above wouldnt really give a player a competitive advantage but it would atleast reduce stress for players who have multiple companies.

id love to see some feedback as to why this would or wouldnt be a good idea

@Cleveland, thanks for bringing this up again! Can you explain the PRODUCTION button as I’m having trouble visualizing exactly what you mean. Are you saying to have a way to start production for all your mfg businesses on one screen?

Is this still an issue today, even though you can now buy Efficiencies to increase the quantity of production?

The SHIPPING LIGHT button is an interesting idea and may be the easiest to implement. We will look into that too.

yes, haveing a way to set all your mfgs to maximum production capability on one screen is exactly what im saying. as you can hopefully see from the rough drawing i gave with explanation the buttons would be a quick way to just stop all production and then reset it to maximum production amount again.

the amount you can produce a day is fine, so efficiency isnt the problem.
the problem is going between all your factories and setting each one back to maximum production. for example, say i have 6 cars left in production, i personally generally cancel that current production order and create a new one for 120. when you 1 to 4 mfgs its fine. but when you have 8 (like i did last round) it got kind of annoying to have to do this to 8 mfgs manually.

as for the shipping light, i still like the idea as to who does and doesnt have orders. right now its not a big deal as i can keep track of whats going where to each of my different mfgs since theyre all different types of mfgs (1 phone, 1 car (soon 2 hopefully), and 1 pharma). the problem is when you start specializing to the market. Last round i think i got up to having 6 or 7 pharma mfgs and when taking 10 orders in mail its confusing real quick as to which mfg currently has an order still needing items shipped and which doesnt. especially if say a person is sending an order to one of my mfgs with 0 inventory and another one of mine having 100k

having said that i just came up with another unlock you could sell to us players. what if retailers could buy an unlock which lets them see how much inventory a mfg currently has on hand and how much needs to be shipped out to other retailers. would let them decide if they want to order from that company or move onto another mfg of that player.

if you have more questions or concerns let me know as ill clarify the best i can. sorry for not responding sooner. i didnt realize i got a reply

Thanks for clarifying! What you propose is a good idea, and like you say, it could be a feature sold to power players.

We will add it to our upgrade list. Not sure when we can get to it, but we like it!