Manufacturing mini game intentional fail

So, after all this time I found out that I was only able to use the mini game once a day because I was beating it at the first attempt. Is it considered an exploit to intentionally fail so I can run it again? Running it once gives me 9 cars, while failing gives me almost double. :stuck_out_tongue:

I find it a bit odd that failing gives more cars than succeeding at first. Maybe we could get a bonus if we succeed at the first attempt so that we get the same amount as if we fail 1 car at first and none at second attempt.


Zuzu, the mini games are supposed to allow you a maximum number of cars each day RT, so it should not matter whether you complete the game in one try or play multiple times. That’s what is supposed to happen, but if that is not happening and you are getting more cars with more plays then it could be a bug so we will have to investigate, thanks for reporting.

lol I’ve tried completing the 9 cars and it didn’t let me go a second time. I’ll try failing again when it resets later tonight to see if it does.

Found the bug and fixed it!

Oh, cool. So, no need to fail intentionally tonight. :smiley:

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