Manufacturing Efficiency Calculation

This was a problem last round but I can’t find the previous bug report…
At full efficiency a manufacturing plant should produce 84 cars in 24 hours, right?
It doesn’t and I reckon it’s about 8% out although I’m too tired to record the stats. What I do know is that I try to do thing by routine so my night job before logging off is to reset all plants to full production.
If that’s the same time each night, they should be just about running out of the previous days’ work but they have around 5-8 cars left each night. I’m sure it’s simple enough to put a test on internally…
It’s not huge coz everyone is in the same boat but it does affect Retail vs Mfr decisions

@Fireyscorp, That’s a great observation. You are right that there can be up to an 8% or so variation between GT and RT when it comes to production. This is somewhat dependent on the exact minute when you initiate a production order. There are all sorts of technical reasons for this.

HaHa - that’s like my car speedo which is set at an error of nearly 10%. I know it and so can allow for it but that doesn’t make it right. Surely the synch between GT and RT in manufacturing is a simple coding error. Maybe over an hour I could expect a variation but not over 24 hours.
(It would probably improve my sleep pattern immensely if you could correct it :slight_smile: )

Thought you would like to be informed, we have corrected an error that slowed production down in some cases.
It had to do with the precision of our internal clock.

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