Manufacturing Business Profit/Debt Bug

I’ve noticed that whenever I complete a sale for one of my manufacturing companies, it makes revenue go into the negative (the number is inside parentheses and keeps growing). From what I understood, any numbers inside parentheses were negative, so why are sales from manufacturing being listed that way? I should theoretically be receiving a profit, as my selling price is higher than the listed production cost. Any thoughts?

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We will look into this, as you are correct.

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I am running into a similar issue. My Management and Sales tab of my manufacturing business is stating that Total Unit Cost is g7,750. However, after I make a sale I referenced my General Journal report to see what its indicating my Cost of Goods Sold it calculating. It’s posting that selling 13 cars has a COGS of g1,610,505 or g123,885 per car. So when I sell my cars for g30,000 a piece thinking that I’m making g22,250 before accounting for the g5,000 listing fee and 5% brokerage fee and instead find I’m losing almost g90,000 a car… this is seriously jacked up. Any help is appreciated. I hope I’m just doing something stupid.


I noticed a possible issue with one of my orders as well. I’m going to discuss this with the dev team. It may be confirmation of excess COGS amounts. TBD.


Confirming I have a similar situation with one of my manufacturing businesses recently. (Subaru Shanghai) Over calculating COGS and now showing alarming losses although maybe only in summary display. I’ll monitor other mfg businesses to see if more general. I know the business should be showing a substantial profit per day…
(I have another that used to show a loss that is now showing negative COGS - (Malaysia))

This should be pretty easy to replicate / isolate…

I now have 3 of my 8 manufacturing businesses that have overstated GOGS numbers and it is affecting my equity stats, although I think not the cash accumulation. Please feel free to have a look at the database to isolate …

We believe we have found the cause of this issue, we were investigating today, were these posting/selling inventory on the open market?

A small math error due to last minute changes was causing a cascading error in the value of your product if that was the case. We are now performing regression tests to make sure this was an isolated error (as in only one spot in the game).

Certainly open market but believe also direct purchase as well - I do both

Thank you for the response, we are hoping to have the issue resolved in short order now.