Mail settings and multiple delete

I noted this last round and would like to raise it again. (I finished last round with over 8000 unread mail which has to be a killer for servers)

We are supposed to have an option to switch off notification of many things - they key one being production order is complete. Last round there was a tick box that didn’t work. Now there’s nothing. I don’t think the correct fix is to just remove the option! As the game gets busier again its importance increases.

The related gameplay wish is a multiple select / action on mail as in delete all. When you’re getting 100 mails / notifications a day it’s really not smart to have to enter each mail, click delete and then have to confirm that each time.

I’m guessing the mail system is not in house built but I’m sure there are many free mail programs that do a better job…

Thank you for your feedback.

We are working on adding improvements to the mail, moving it outside the main game was just the start.

New features we are considering is a mark as read button and delete selected option, as well as an archive function.

The game’s mail system is entirely built in house and has had several iterations to this point. We are constantly trying to improve it.