Mail message not displaying

Not sure what area was updated but since the update, mail message just display a grey screen.

Applies to IE and Firefox.

That was happening to me too just before the update, but now that the update has happened, it’s working fine. Can you try it again? I also did a computer reboot before the update and I’m not sure if that had anything to do with it or not.

Working now but the delete / Cancel button not working once mail open in IE - they’re working fine in firefox (but that’s not my regular
Sound toggle off doesn’t work in either BTW…

What version of IE are you using?

IE 11
Update is 11.593…

Delete button still not working in IE but that only applies to some mails like production finished and xxx has delivered your order, Other message types are working.
New / related? bug Move or rename business - can’t save in both browser types. Wasn’t a problem a few weeks ago…

Took a quick look at the relocate issue. It is related to another issue which has come up where the first click in the map does not always register. If you open the map again and choose your location again, it should choose it the second time around and allow you to save.


LOL - cost me 251k to relocate to same spot but at least then it accepted my name change. Without relocating - name or logo change is not registering

Thank you, We will look into this.


Back to mail…
It’s still a bit glitchy(as in sometimes it seems to fail to load properly after a few mails, but then you can get out of mail and go back in - preferably from the boardroom) but mail is deleting from IE again. (Since a day ago)

We will have a deeper look at this. We have been making small changes to get the mail working properly in the tablet.