Mail Marked as Unread

I’ve been checking my mail lately, and have been running into an issue where read messages consistently appear as unread. Typically, I’ll try closing and reopening the read message several times to mark it as read, but it stays unread, thus filling my inbox with an incorrect amount of unread messages. Any thoughts on what could be causing the problem here?

Thank you for reporting this, we are aware of the issue and are trying to identify the cause.
One possibility is that the login has expired for the game and it is not giving the message.

If you log out and back in the messages should mark as read when you open them.

It seems to be less of an issue if you use the boardroom entry to mail than the side one (or maybe it’s just that it’s a new mail log in when used)

Agree it’s fixed with log out and log in…

I typically check my mail as soon as I log in. Would a login expiration still be a potential issue? Thanks in advance!

It should work properly then, but we are seeing a similar problem here and logging again appears to fix it. It is on the radar and will be addressed soon.