Mail Changes again

My favourite topic as you know!

This attempt triggered by a coupon payment in my news feed but no mail. This is actually one bit of news I wouldn’t mind getting a mail on - which bond, how much - like share dividends…

But there are so many mails that are a total waste of space - storage on your server and in our inbox
Product shipped, product received, invoice payment may all be interesting for a new player but very quickly clog up the mail box. Can we PLEASE at least have the ability to switch them off if we choose. It’s all about reducing our footprint where practical…

In the case of invoice payment we have a screen to track what’s paid and what owing.

In the case of shipments we also have a way to look up what’s shipped but in all my time playing I still can’t fathom - what is the benefit of not having an accurate ETA on shipments. (This would be the only game where that seems to be insisted on and it would certainly make having to issue a mail redundant)

I will of course repeat my request to have bulk select and delete without having to read junk mail but it would make sense not to generate it in the first place. Another possible option would be to split into system mail which we just ignore and player mail which requires attention…

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@Fireyscorp, just an FYI, the Dev Team are working on the “Select and group delete” option on the mail now. Should be available soon.

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Yep need to backup firey on this, i know your working on it,