Mail and Shippping

Mail takes forever to load the mail after I click teh messsage.l I cant’ seem to edit or change the dicsount code in shipping. Like I can’t add a new one and put a amount.


Mail seems to be working here, but we will into improving further, we have addressed the discount code issue you reported.

It does wrok but the loading times are ridiculous

I have one question about shipping fees. So if i tis US. Woudl it be distance from China for example to US. Or woudl it be to that very place you picked on the map?

Distance is calculated based on the location of each business.

Where are you located in the “real world”,
Our servers are not hosted locally, but currently when we test the mail, opening a message is taking an average of 112ms, from here to our servers.

I am in Canada. If you look at discord, Creamed says it takes 4.5 seconds.

We have seen that posting, We were asking your location to determine if that is a factor. The server can be slow at times, but we have been making changes to try and address this.

Thank you, my location is Canada. IN REAL LIFE

It seems to be fast now but you gotta to increase the reliabilty