Login BXP Glitch

I think i found out how some players are able to gain such high bxp’s in a short amount of time. There seems to be a login glitch that give players 200 bxp’s each time they login.

Login and off a few dozen times and there you have it… a ton of BXP points.

Yes - just noticed that and tested to confirm. Was wondering why Torsvekt kept logging in and out…

Good work guys! We’ll fix that issue asap and see if we can take back any excessively unearned bxp.

Thank you @PB_Corp and @Fireyscorp, This has been brought to our Dev Teams attention.


Sheesh, I got knocked down to 2000 bxp! I am totally understanding with taking away points but I worked my ass off to get the 9000K i did have.

you get 2500 BXP for completing the courses. Am all for being fair and not abusing things but this feels a lot like punishment here guys.

I will bounce back but that a huge blow. lol

Sorry PB … we will take another look at your bxp. It was a bulk edit that may have been excessive on some players.

Most people are taking a hit because we discovered that the bug was not just giving extra bxp on login, it was giving extra bxp on all sorts of activities. But if you did legitimately do some real bxp work, we will try to bump you back up.

PB I think we have corrected your BXP now (but let me know if I’m wrong)

thank you, this is better than 2000 bxp. I will just put some extra work in to get back on top.

I was also wondering as I have completed all the courses (5 x 500) and the challenges (should be worth a few hundred BXP) why my BXP is only at 2,068 currently? Thank you for your help!

@ Torsvekt - Penalty for exploiting and not reporting?? LOL

TORSVEKT: Based on the activity we have seen on your account, we are led to believe that you exploited the bugs and maybe even used a login script which would be very bad. We are always willing to give people a second chance because we appreciate you wanting to play our game, and we think it is best to give a warning first to make sure the player is aware of what’s appropriate and what’s not. So, we allowed you to keep playing with a reasonable amount of bXP.

MATHEW: As I have no idea what a login script is or how one would create one, I definitely did not use such a mechanism. Furthermore, my concern regarding BXP simply arose because of activity after the reset. After the reset, I had 1,468 BXP and I then completed 2 courses on that same day (2 x 500) as well as completed several transactions, several levels in the retail game as well as collected the usual 10 BXP for visiting certain areas of the game each day. Nevertheless, I am somehow only on 2,478 BXP right now, a total which I should have essentially reached after completing the two courses. In addition, my financials are making little sense to me at the moment. For example, without paying any invoices during the last few hours, I simply had g500,000 subtracted from my cash. Would it be possible that you could please take a look into this as it is currently making it difficult to play the game properly? Thank you very much!