I’ve been trying to sign in all day.

When I enter my details, it displays username/password incorrect.

I’m definitely entering the right info.

It was showing the same error on Opera a few days ago, now Google Chrome is saying the same.

Please Help!!

Emerson Global account has been disabled for suspicious activity contrary to the spirit of GoVenture World.

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Like what?

What were my contrary actions?

I just selected forgot username/password.

I got an email saying my account is disabled for contrary actions against the good of the game.

Ive been offline a while now, what contrary actions did i do???

Also, is my account disabled permanently or temporarily?

Please dont delete my account, I worked sooo hard to be success & legitimate for you to just delete my hard work & effort.

Sorry, but we need to focus our time on improving the game, not investigating and hosting long discussions about suspicious activity that we uncovered.

You are welcome to start over with a new account and play fairly, but three strikes and you are out.

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Seriously, you don’t see anyone else but me??. lol ok.

What happens after 3 strikes?

What suspicious activity did I do??

Is making it to #1 on the leaderboard suspicous??

Other companies should be disabled if thats the case.

This feels targeted. As usual