Loan Write Offs and General Ledger Problems

Loan Write Off Problem:

When I try to write off a loan from someone who has gone inactive, it just greys out the button and sits on the page. I can’t do anything besides scroll up and down. Also, these are available on loans that have already closed (which shouldn’t be).

General Ledger Problem:

In the General Ledger under the Asset sub-item “Investment Loans”, the Credits aren’t equaling the Debits. As a result, it’s throwing the Assets side of the Accounting Equation off. For example of mine:

g447,174,011 <> g13,982,000 + 6,000,000

And most of my loans have been paid back but isn’t being recorded as such in the general journal. I have attached a photo of this problem (HIGHLIGHTED COMPANIES HAVE PAID BACK LOANS ENTIRELY).

As you can see, the highlighted company credits aren’t equal to the debits which are throwing off the assets and the accounting equation in general

@Lifeline_Inc, there is a bug with the “Write Off” button that is being addressed. As for the ledger info, the Dev Team found an error. Please stand by for a more detailed report. Thanks for posting this.

@Lifeline_Inc, could you tell us if you noticed if your Balance Sheet is out of wack as well?

It definitely is still out of whack. I did notice that one loan had been processed as paid off completely from a loan to Callaar but not the rest of them (although they have paid off every single one of their loans).

@Lifeline_Inc, the Dev Team did find a bug in the system. However, unfortunately it cannot be corrected retroactively. It should be good from here and onward. Sorry for the inconvenience that this caused.

That’s okay :slight_smile: I just noticed the accounting equation was off when I looked at the general ledger (as I know some of the basic accounting principles and assign things to the proper areas of a balance sheet) lol. Just doing what I can to help in having the game become bug free :slight_smile: