Loan Repayment plans bug

Just got my first loan statement. For a principal of g 1,000,000 the first installment payment due is 25,000,000, please fix

As promised, I have investigated this report, and it appears you were bitten by a bug when the loan was issued. To be concise the initial loan payment had a bug in it that was discovered last week and we neglected to run a recalculation on the loans hit by this bug. Our apologies.

the bug appeared again. Another 25 M installment :slight_smile:

Is this on the same loan?

Yes. I think of prepaying
it, but still you would need to fix what caused it…

Same just happened with the other loan I have, which is from much later than the first one. 4 mln payment on 1 mln loan. still bond is not fixed, basically every source of financing needs patches…

We have just deployed a new fix, found an error that we have now fixed, We have also addressed the new bad statements. This new Fix was verified.