Loan Repayment Bug?

I had a $1,000,000 loan that only had a remaining balance of 831,591. The loan had a 3% interest rate as well as a 3% early repayment penalty. I had about 4.5 million cash on hand so I wanted to pay it off. But when payed the remaining balance it brought my cash on hand down to a little over 1,000,000 and reduced my equity by about 4-5 million. Is there something I’m missing here or is this a bug?

I’ve never seen anything like that, but are you sure you hadn’t bought stock on market. The cash reduces when it’s shipped and your equity wont recover until the stock arrives. There’s also a bug that doesn’t take out the early repayment interest but that would be minor and the other way. (or there was)
You might try going into the general ledger to see what the transactions were.

@Aegis Fireyscorp is correct. and the general ledger is a good place to see all that has happened. Please let us know if this is not resolved.