Line of Credit Payments

Do direct sales go toward the Line of Credit pay down? If not, would be a good idea to and if it’s supposed to, it’s not doing so like the money from the Open Market does, unless direct orders are on a end of RT day check but I haven’t seen 2 payments for 10 cars sold on open market plus the 4.7 mil g transaction worth of cars I sold go toward my line of credit. I know it’s supposed to do it when I have cash available but it didn’t take the 4.7 mil g cash I was able to produce and I’m trying to get it paid down as quick as I can. Not sure if this is a bug so I placed it here to make sure.

@Lifeline_Inc, yes, all payments are applied to the line of credit. However, we will look into this to check for a possible bug. Thank you.

Just checking back to see if there was a bug found in this or not :slight_smile:

The Dev Team has this on their radar and we will report their findings ASAP.

iam new on goventure and i did my first direct sale. it shows paid on the invoice but its not updated in my cash balance. it said that i recieved line of credit on notifications ( on the top part where it shows what you did like chatted, signed in etc.) so i searched on google and found this. what should i do?

Any revenue made while a LOC is in place goes to the LOC.