Liabilities Not Working Right According to Gameplay

So…I have had loans taken out during gameplay and been issued 2 lines of credit. First line of credit was from not enough cash to cover taxes. Next one was because the monthly fee for having vehicles surpassed my cash. I also have had 2 loans taken out. I have paid one back and am working on getting the next one paid off as I continue. Only problem is…my general ledge says I haven’t paid back my 2 small amounts of lines of credits and that I only paid 9k of my first loan back (although it has been paid off).

The photo shows 4 red dot that I marked. The first line is a question: how are my debits more than my credits (as this was my line of credit problem). The next two lines are for the monthly fee for holding cars from both of my manufacturing companies. These have been paid back but there is no debt to show this. As you can see, that the last red dot (as I mentioned before) shows I only paid 9k of the 3 million loan I had (which I had paid off). This is throwing off my liabilities and thus, my equity as well.

I have figured out that the debits for the 3 Lines of Credits were all tacked to the insufficient funds for tax line (line 1). I added the 2 g43,296 lines of credit to the tax line and it equaled my debits. That is fine. I found this out after subtracting my current liabilities I still had to deliver (g1 million in vehicles still to deliver) and the entire loan I have (g5 million) and I was left with g2,991,000 which means the problem of my liability (that messes up my equity) is my first loan that I paid off already.

@Lifeline_Inc, we are looking into this. Thank you for posting.


Just checking up on if there was any findings to this yet :slight_smile:

Sorry @Lifeline_Inc, not yet. We feel it may be connected to another issue the Dev Team is investigating.

@GVW_Admin, was wondering if there has been any update about this since it’s affecting equity (which in turn affects rankings) :slight_smile:

@Lifeline_Inc, this has been corrected, unfortunately, it cannot be corrected retroactively.

Is there any way the Dev Team could change the loan lines to the same debits as I was credited for on the loan? @GVW_Admin

@Lifeline_Inc, Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this.

Unfortunately, we cannot change the info retroactively. However, this bug has been fixed and all will show correctly from this point forward. If you notice any further discrepancies, please let us know.

Good to hear it, another one bites the dust :smiley: