Leader board - Products Sold

I’m looking at the leader boards and notice you’ve recently made a change to the products sold from retail only to both retail and manufacturers. The problem with that is that manufacturers can make so many more cars per hour than a retailer and only incompetent makers would produce and not sell.

So this board is now pretty much a match for the Products made board.
Maybe change the name to Products retailed and go back to retailers only??

We are having discussions about this leader board, we are thinking it will be beneficial to split it into 2 boards, one for retail and the other for manufacturing.


OK - so I see we have a change in the leader boards but now that we have 3 products of such widely different pricing and volume levels the quantity made or sold just doesn’t make sense. There would be 2 ways to fix that - only show value of sales in G or split any quantity leader board into each of the 3 products.
(If you intend to have more that 10 products then just sticking to business turnover would seem more sensible)

We have a task in place for this, it will be addressed, long list and busy team,