Lawsuit against NKholdings

I sued NK holdings because he deceived me in to deleting my account and I regret it. I had to make a new account which is this one, I demand that my old one be recovered and after that I can show proof that he sent a rude message about quitting accounts. For the desired outcome, I want at least g15,000,000 in damages because of the partnerships in my old account and a meaningful apology from NK holdings. Nk holdings instead tried to counter sue me and said I was “ random accusing “ that not correct. Please goventure world courts make a right decision.
CEO of unicorn operating business
Note my old account name in chessqueen

look man. no hate or anything but you can’t sue him for something that u did. If NK told u to jump off a bridge and u did then that’s ur fault. its as simple as that

Yeah it correct that I have fault, but he started the rude messages they should be reported to admins of goventure world and they should take action. The messages are surprisingly rude and no one likes it.

jeez. message em on the discord gc

I do not have a discord account but I be happy to private message you on


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