Issuing shares (stock price)

Can someone clarify to me the price of the shares issued; if my equity is 4.5 million, then what would be an appropriate price to set my shares at ?

Two things:

(1) The USER GUIDE has details about how the Stock Market works here:

(2) You will notice above that your SHARE PRICE has to be within a certain threshold of your EQUITY.

So, you want to set your SHARE PRICE within the limits above and at a price that you think will attract other players to buy your shares because they believe your share price will go up.


So I can assume that a 4.5 million equity will make my stock price about g4 to g5 per share?

I was confused at first because it said “25% of your equity” which I thought was 1.2 million per share :smiley:

Edit: On stocks page it indicated to me to pick a value no greater than 7, so 7 it is! Thanks for your input.

Yes, you are correct!