Is this an inventory bug that crashed my business

I had clearly enough inventory around 8k then it shows a -22 and after that the sales went flat
and day after day with low sales just ran me into the ground

I am not out of business because of this. There was no way for me to recover. On the day it showed -22 my sales dropped to zero. In the days that followed my sales were very low and never recovered. With have staff payments/Bond and Loan payments I was quickly heading to red. After going red for 2 days and just falling further and further into the red. I sold my business to stop the bleeding

With the proceeds of 2 million from the sale of the business I am not able to start a new cause the cost for start up of a new company is 3 million This entire break down wiped out about 5 million in assets

Re: -22, we are investigating this, thank you for reporting this.

We looked into this and it appears you have out priced your products from being sold. Look at your costs/unit and check your price and lower it. The market will only take a certain markup based on the quality of your product.

@Black_Water … if you think your business cannot recover, you can request that your account be reset to allow you to start over.