Is there a limit for how many business you can own with 10k BXP?

I finally gained enough BXP and would like to open up a Bank, however I am not able to do so because it say I currently have 3 businesses.

Is there a limit for the amount of businesses a player can own after gaining 10K BXP?

Hi PB-Corp

Yes, there is a limit to the amount of business one can own with a bxp of 10K. You will be able to start a new business once you reach 13K bxp.

It shouldn’t be a secret… should it?
We know so far
2k = 2nd biz (+2k)
7k = 3rd (+5k)
13k = 4th (+6k)
19k = 5th (+6k)
Edit 2: add 6th
28k = 6th (+9k)
Edit 3… Add 7 + 8
37k = 7th (+9k)
50k = 8th (+13k)
Edit 4 Add 9
65k = 9th (+15k)