Invoice Payments

I have several invoices that look like they have been paid several times. Also received invoices that show being paid several times. Not sure what is what. Does not to seem to effect invoices from open market purchases.

There was a fix just published that will allow future shipments. we are working on the old shipments effected by the bug now.

I have the same issue with an invoice.
It was a total of 1.1 mil and I paid about 400k which it says accepted but it didnt go off my wallet and still says balance due 1.1mil.

We are investigating the inability to pay some invoices issued after the reset, this was caused by the same bug that stopped shipments.

We have rolled out a fix for the shipments and all invoices after the update on Wednesday should be payable.

We are working on a fix for the broken invoices.

Was about to posts this as new bug and then noticed this one. Still an issue…

I have a couple of old invoices that I paid 2 days ago, yesterday and again today. Pop-up showed they were paid and the screen changed to yellow - paid but the money wasn’t taken from my cash and when I went back into window the invoice reverts to unpaid.
Recent bug - probably introduced with last upgrade

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