Invoice payment issues

Invoice paid and it also reflets in payment history with amount and status as accepted
but it still shows all tge amount as due (0 % paid)
Also manufacturers are asking for payments even if i have already paid
From GVW discord It seems like other people are also facing this issue

We are looking into this issue now. Thank you for posting.

My products has been sold in open market but I haven’t received payment.
Please check

The cause of the issue has been identified and we are working on resolving the missing payments for those purchases.

out of cash. after selling out and getting ‘marked’ paid.

Same issue, I haven’t received any payment for open market sale

You have received the payment now.

i sent a manufacturer payment and it has been deducted from my account but it still shows all the payment as due

However the manufacturer has confirmed that he has received the money and the money has been added into his balance

though in the invoice it displays 0 % paid (in the payment history section it correctly refllects all the payments)

so maybe payments/transactions are working properly it just does not display correct data