Invoice order fulfillment Bug

Currently, I have an invoice showing under finance where I need to ship goods to complete the order so I can receive payment. However, under orders and shipping the order is not showing so I am unable to ship any goods to buyer. I’m unable to ship goods in either location.

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I’m backing up Vanguard_Industries. This involves my company and I have 20 cars on order (10 from Vanguard_Industries, 10 from Jobsons). Both which accepted the invoice from me and usually Jobsons sends theirs as soon as they accept my invoice order. I haven’t received a shipment from him after he accepted it yesterday (about 2pm EST) since his acceptance.

I have checked you account and you do have an unfilled order to match that invoice. It is on the next page of orders and shipping.marked invoiced, but no shipped pill with it.

Hi Lifeline_Inc, we suggest contacting these companies via Chat or email to inquire. They simply may not have gotten to ship yet.

Your right, thats my mistake. Thank you for the help.

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Our pleasure, we treat all bug reports seriously as it is our desire to constantly improve the game.

OK as it doesn’t seem to happening all over I’ll treat it as a bug and related to this topic…
play2win is listed in my orders and shipping list as an on market buyer. He has heaps of GC. The purchase is not listed in my events list and nor was it on his. When I try to ship the product I get a pop up from VP Products - Your invoice has been sent. and nothing ships.
At this stage I have not heard from play2win to understand what he’s seeing or maybe what happened at purchase time…

Edit - play2win didn’t know… now the 15 cars that were listed as reserved stock for this sale have disappeared and the message has changed to “Not enough inventory to fill this order” (I do have 16 cars in stock but I expect the check is against the reserved stock…)

Edit2 - For my next test I put 15 of my stock on the market and the message has reverted to “Your invoice has been sent”

Hey Fireyscorp, to get this straight, you had cars on the open market (15 cars) that were bought by Play2Win?

When you shipped them the reserved stock vanished but never shipped? And the order was not invoiced?

If this is the case, it sounds like something on the server may have glitched or been interrupted with the order. Do you mind if we have a look at your account to see what is showing on your side?

That’s about right. I don’t know about the stock being removed from reserved right away - I’m pretty sure it was there early on but isn’t any more.
No problem at all looking in my account. play2win reckons he still has the 15 showing as waiting for shipping - as do I.

And there is no “Cancelled” status marker on it? Open Market orders are cancelled after 3 days RT.

Hey Fireyscorp. We took a look at your account and did not find anything solid. The order is only 2 days old so it would not have been cancelled. We are thinking one of your other orders got double shipped some how, maybe during a server hickup or update.

As of tomorrow, the order will be cancelled and closed. At that time, your autos will be returned to your inventory and you will not be liable for the order.

I am a little afraid that the returning of the autos to your inventory will through your Reserve Inventory into a negative. Can you keep me updated if this happens?

The order is now 4 days old and it’s not cancelling. Can you look into it further?

Very handy that I’m doing OK coz on top of that I have 46 cars locked unable to supply coz some randoms created accounts and bought more from the market than they could afford. It may have been malicious as they haven’t logged in since. They’re 6 hours away from the 3 days so I’ll be watching for the cancellation. I certainly hope that would affect my reputation score…

Edit : So 3 transactions awaiting shipping in MA China all bought on Game day 152 (which leads me to believe it was malicious) It’s now Game day 190 and nothing is cancelled. The other locked transaction mentioned earlier in this post is also not cancelled (MA Denver) Please check that cancellations are working and or if they are can you tell me what triggers them.

Edit 2 Update: Game day 196 and still waiting for 61 cars to come back. Can an admin please look into this?

Hey Fireyscorp. Earlier this week, we did a manual extension of some orders which had been affected by a bug which found players with cancelled orders that never returned the inventory to their account.

I am hoping that your order got mixed in with the others and we extended the expiry date.

The other ones are only a few hour past the cancellation time so I would give them a bit more time to see if they do cancel. We will have a look though and test it out. Unfortunately, testing will take some time to wait for a cancellation.