Inventory quality categories

im simply moving what i wrote in a bug post about quality calculations to here instead as it may get feedback and be in a more appropriate location

Now that im thinking about it even more why not have different quality categories of inventory for both mfg and retailers when selling product either to other players or the npc customers.

For mfg you just have listed how much of each quality you have on hand. you dont need every combination listed on their screen only what kind the player personally has on hand so the screen is less cluttered. it would allow them to supply various people with different kinds of goods and price accurately when selling to players and thus make more profits.

For retail its basically the same except you have an addition box next to the amount of a certain quality on hand that would be labeled as price. This way retailers can buy various levels of good and price them all individually so they make more profit. Additionally, it would help keep supplies of retailers high and reduce the likelihood of running out of items to sell by being able to sell what ever would be available for them while simultaneously helping mfg’s sell their inventory faster.


Would be a nice addition to the game, mixed quality boxes, to reach different sales groups, as retailers, or even as mfg to retailers, but i guess they have to fix other things first.

Or choose to keep separate quality or merge all (what they had in another game I played)

personally i think by at least separating quality into categories of inventory on hand you could fix the overall average quality bug or issues we’ve been dealing with.

Thank you all for the comments, we will log your recommendations for consideration.