Inventory on open market incorrect

One of my open market sales glitched and I had to ship it manually, it still shows those 20 on open market but no corresponding posting, other player has received the cars manually shipped. I believe the Open Market Purchase Order Number is : MA-540-3

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Thank you for posting, we will investigate.

Just FYI, it did it again, now my inventory on market, won’t go below 49 :slight_smile: if you need any more information, let me know I can probably provide it

Dunno if you did anything or it natuarally resolved, but it appears fixed… for the moment :slight_smile:

I am still facing this issue. Someone bought my listed items, i received the money and all but it still says in inventory that i have listed items on open market. It keeps accumulating like this with every open market sale causing extra carrying costs on my inventory.

Also when i ship the items manually, it deducts from my current inventory not the ones on the open market.

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We are working on this.

On the next opportunity to ship an OM sale, please do not, but let us know so we can investigate further.