Invalid price check selling bonds

When trying to sell bonds I’m getting the following message

Price needs to be between g(9.903520314283042e+28) and g(5.942112188569825e+28).

This is from setting the price at 1000 or no change to current price. It is for Edge as we’re not able to login via Chrome right now coz the login screen is not formatting. If not the same in Chrome it was very similar last week although I have been able to sell bonds on one occasion this round.

We are looking into this. Thank you for posting.

Is is safe to assume this is selling Bonds you already own?

Yes and it’s more than 24 hours since I bought them.
Point of clarification… I just noticed I can sell bonds without the price check problem from the All Bonds window (so that resolves it for me) The problem is happening in the Primary Bonds window only

We will look into this.

This issue has been corrected.